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How To Install Solar Power In Your Home

Renewable energy is very much in the news today. There is much talk about creating "green-collar" jobs in the renewable energy sector. Solar power installers tend to be in a lot of work demand over the next few years. But the good news is, you probably do not need them.

Due to the simplicity of the technology involved, it is relatively easy to install solar power alone. There are many sites such as that provide all the relevant information about solar panels.

Benefits of Installing Solar Power

If done properly, installing solar power so that you will not have to pay an electricity bill again. In fact, in some countries, you are allowed to sell excess electricity you generate back to the grid. Solar power is also good for the environment, because it does not produce carbon emissions, and for national security, because it helps to reduce dependence on oil, much of it comes from a hostile regime.

What Will You Need to Install Solar Power

At a minimum, you will need to install solar power in your home with a few solar panels, rechargeable 12-volt deep cycle battery, DC meter, and DC input. If you want to run the air-conditioning equipment, you will also need an inverter.

How to Install Solar Power Generator

In order to turn this item into a fully-fledged solar power generator, you will need to connect all the components together. Using insulated wire, connect the DC meter to the negative pole of the battery by wrapping the wire around the terminal wing nuts then do the same thing to the positive pole. It is very important that you only connect one pole at a time, otherwise, there is a risk to give yourself an electric shock.