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How To Get Your Baby To Stop Sucking The Thumb

Many parents are faced with a baby who sucks his thumb. Thumb sucking is very popular in babies and toddlers, however, parents often find it quite disturbing. To cope with thumb sucking or to get your baby to stop sucking your thumb, you can buy Nipit. It is a hand stopper thumb guard which is very helpful in thumb sucking prevention.

If you take a close look of thumb sucking, it goes back to the time baby in the womb. Many babies suck their thumbs even before birth. For many children, thumb sucking is a way for them to find comfort and help them feel more secure.

A child may suck his thumb if it feels sick, tired or upset. As the child grows, sometimes they suck their thumbs when they are upset, uncomfortable and even if they get bored. For parents to help their children stop thumb sucking, they must first determine why their baby sucks his thumb first.

Babies and toddlers who suck their thumbs because they are bored should offer a diversion. If you feel your child sucks his thumb for this reason then you need to find ways to distract.

For a child who sucks his thumb to the safety or comfort, you can often stop the problem by offering something else for comfort. Some children may do well with a special cover, while others can be diverted by a special stuffed animal. Give your child something to keep giving them another way they can feel comforted and secure, without having to resort to thumb sucking.