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How To Cut Your Garment

There are a few different ways to cut a garment. But the most common way to cut a garment is to use a straight edge and a pair of shears. You can also use a tailor’s cutting board, but this will require more skill and experience.

Here are three tips for cutting garments correctly: 

1. Make sure your fabric is flat and stable before you start cutting. If it’s wavy or has any bumps, it will cause the shears to struggle and create inaccurate cuts. 

2. Always use gradual pressure when cutting with shears. If you apply too much pressure, you might tear the fabric or even nick yourself. You can also buy automatic fabric cutting machine online.


3. Take your time when cutting your garment. A mistake in one area can cause the entire piece to be off-kilter and need to be redone. When cutting with a tailor’s shears, the blades move at different angles to create a gradual curve in the fabric. If you cut in one straight line, it will make your garment or dress appear unevenly finished.

4. Always cut a little bit at a time when cutting with shears. Do not cut too big of a piece at once because it is easier to fix mistakes rather than trying to press the fabric into shape.

5. Use light strokes and hold the fabric taut throughout the entire cut. If you are using a push cutter, work at top speed to keep the blades moving quickly and evenly; this will avoid jagged edges, which will make your clothing unevenly shaped when sewn or otherwise finished.

6. Always wash clothes in cold water after cutting with shears and before washing them again!