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How a Buyer Agent Benefits You!

Buyer Agency.. What is it and how it will benefit you as a home buyer. Understand, most real estate companies have been using the traditional brokerage system. Under this system all real estate brokers and their agents (including the agent who sold the house) is the agent for the seller and keeps the seller's best interests in mind.

Buyer Agency offers a complete representation of home buyers. Using a Buyer Agency system, real estate sales broker (agent selling YOUR home) is (your agent) the agent for the buyer and have a duty to represent the best interests of Buyers including, negotiating for the lowest price possible, and structuring transactions for the benefit of the buyer.

If you want to get a house in Churchville with the best possible price, then you may visit this site. Here are some examples of how the agency will benefit your buyers.

1) Substantial savings possible! A buyer's agent will help you negotiate to get the best possible price, terms and conditions for the sale.

2) Buyers are represented! A buyer's agent will conduct a comprehensive market analysis (CMA) on the property you are looking to purchase. This will help you establish a fair market value before making an offer to buy the property.

3) You will be shown all available for sale! In addition to using only local MLS for properties listed, the buyer's agent will be able to show more types of homes available for sale, including the nature of which is not listed as: For Sale by Owner foreclosure and the house (FSBO's) has not been on the market.

Remember, the buyer agency system designed to allow Home Buyers the opportunity to have an agent represent them, instead of representing the seller.