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Homemade Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Baking delicious chocolate truffles are very easy and interesting. And if you're a chocolate lover, you are ready to get more chocolate recipes and try different chocolate flavors.

A chocolate truffle is a dessert which is served in parties, as a gesture of candies and many more reasons. It can be easily made at home with various methods in very little time. The sweetness of chocolate truffles reaches the heart of people.

Chocolate truffles are also better to give as gifts. Kids like the chocolates and with homemade truffle recipes, it can be presented to all members of your family or someone you love. You can checkout variety of recipes at

There are different varieties of chocolate truffles that can be made. Most of the ingredients used in making chocolate truffles are condensed milk or milk powder,  cocoa powder, melted butter, chocolate powder or melted chocolate, confectioner's sugar and vanilla extract.

Once all the ingredients are mixed with the right consistency, a spoon or hands will be used to make the shape of balls from the truffle mixture. Put the balls in the parchment paper for baking.

It can be garnished with melted chocolate or powdered chocolate, toasted coconut, unsweetened cocoa, chopped nuts or almonds to make it presentable.