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Getting Rid Of That Double Chin With Plastic Surger

The double chin is not actually two chins in the classical sense. Instead, it is the upper chin (real chin) which is bony and the lower chin is actually a collection of fat. The increase in fat accumulation can occur quite easily below the jawline in some people. For tendencies, a double chin can develop even if a person is not very overweight. A short neck, low tongue bone, and an underdeveloped jaw are anatomical factors that can cause the appearance of a double chin.

Double chin liposuction is very effective for removing excess fat and sagging skin on the upper neck. With the newest small cannula and Smart liposuction technique (laser lipolysis), throat fat can be removed very effectively. To see the before and after results of liposuction surgery visit

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By removing fat, the skin of the chin and neck is tightened as part of the healing process, removing the fake chin and improving the angular profile of the neck.

Neck liposuction is part of all remedies with double chin and most problems with the low sagging neck. (eg facelift) Miniature incision of the skin under the chin under local anesthesia is performed using a Smartlipo fibre optic cable or a small liposuction cannula, which is usually less than 2mm in diameter and no larger than 2mm. 

Lead from pencil No. 2. I like to use the laser energy from Smartlipo because the heat that is generated melts fat and has a positive effect on neck skin tightening.

With a double chin, it is also important to look at the real chin and see if the chin points forward far enough in the facial profile. Some double chin adjustments can really benefit from chin enlargement.