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Getting Ready for a Career as a Respiratory Therapist

When you work in respiratory therapy, you are involved with the assessment, treatment and care of patients suffering from respiratory disorders. You can click here for more information about the respiratory care devices through

Respiratory therapists supervise breathing technicians; initiating and managing therapeutic procedures (or working under the direction of senior therapists and doctors); provide emergency respiratory procedures such as CPR and external cardiac massage; regulate and monitor artificial respiration; monitor patients and their vital signs during treatment; convincing patients; perform diagnostic procedures; and record and report progress and complications.

If working in the field of health care and emergency health care appeals to you, a career as a respiratory therapist can be your ticket to success. Your ability to work quickly and follow your commands and a good and caring attitude will help you well in the field of respiratory therapy.

Other characteristics such as attention to detail and the ability to see abnormalities and respond quickly can help you excel as a respiratory therapist.

Representative work degrees in the field of respiratory therapy include:

Respiratory Therapist – initiate and manage respiratory procedures and treatments, supervise respiratory technicians, manage emergencies and prescribed respiratory treatments, perform diagnostic procedures, maintain patient records, prepare and test respiratory devices such as respirators, ECG machines, and report progress and complications.

Respiratory Technician – works under the supervision of a respiratory therapist, performing diagnostic procedures according to specific instructions.