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Find Out The Different Approaches To Pest Control

A gross image forms in your mind anytime you imagine or hear of an exterminator. You think of someone with a spray hanging on their back, wearing a mask, gloves, and gumboots smelling chemicals. Well, that is not only wrong but also an ignorant approach to harmful insect management. Many people think this activity only involves the use of chemicals. This article will remind you of different approaches ideal for pest control in Marietta GA.

Chemical control is an approach that uses pesticides to eliminate bugs. This one is obliviously the widely used approach in managing bugs. Researchers suggest that it is the most effective method to get away with those annoying organisms. Sometimes chemicals achieve hundred percent success rate. It is ideal when used in large scale, for example, in agriculture. Some people think that, however much efficient, it can be harmful.

Biological control is a method that takes advantage of predators. This approach is one of less harmful and friendly to the ecosystem. Environmentalists insist on the use of this method instead of chemicals. If you have a little knowledge of the food chain, the bug-like aphid becomes the producer, and a bird which is a predator eats the aphid.

Another approach is the cultural management of harmful organisms. This method is most suitable for crops. An example is crop rotation. Literary, this is introducing a resistant crop before the next round of planting to kill or break the life cycle of a damaging organism. An example is growing sweet corn that is not affected by nematodes in the place of vulnerable crops like carrots.

Regulatory intervention to manage bugs is also another approach to managing pests. The government is responsible for preventing the spread of a newly discovered bug. At some point, a bug becomes resistant to chemicals due to gene changes or mutation in the organism. This new development renders chemicals ineffective, and therefore, the federal government comes to aid in the management of the bug.

Mechanical management of harmful organisms can also be applied. This approach involves the use of traps or cultivation of agricultural land. Children sometimes due to curiosity take in chemicals strategically placed to kill rats in the house. To avoid such instances, one can use traps to catch a rat. In agriculture, a farmer destroys affected crops or burn the field immediately after crop harvest to kill any harmful.

Managing bugs is also made possible by planting resistant varieties. This method is called the Host Plant Resistant. With science and technological advancement, it is possible to transfer resistance genes from one crop to another. This method reduces the farmer costs of regularly buying insecticides for their high yielding plants.

Sustainable development is the responsibility of every citizen in Marietta, and the rest of the world. Use of chemicals can be the last sort method of managing these harmful organisms. The reason is chemicals have harmful effects on the environment. Now that you have the information on other safe ways of containing bugs put them into practice.