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Choosing the Right Disability Equipment For Mobility

When purchasing a mobility aid, you have to consider various important things. Choosing the right mobility aid is an important aspect. On the other hand, mobility equipments, if used wisely, can help you live a more independent and fulfilling life.


Hand wheelchair – If there is no access way, the hand wheelchair can be pulled back by the staff in a few simple steps. An additional consideration is that a hand wheelchair takes away your upper body strength and helps you maintain that strength. But if upper body strength is an issue, a wheelchair may be a good choice.

Rollator – This is a walker with a seat that can be used for rest as needed. Many walker models have a basket or saddlebag to help you carry them. With this device, many people can get the mobility support they need and still work their muscles to prevent loss.

Full-Size Scooters – Full-size scooters have advantages over lightweight ones. With the lifting platform, the scooter can be placed in your vehicle in one piece. No assembly or disassembly is required.

Lightweight Scooter – The scooter is disassembled into 4 or 5 lightweight parts and can be reassembled in minutes. Because it's so easy to carry.

When choosing the right mobility aid, you need to consider the following:

·Your current ability

·Expectation for future ability

·Whether or not you will be using this alone or with assistance

·Cost and insurance benefits

·Degree of independence you hope to achieve