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Canine Bed Bug Detection: Existing Technologies And The Future Directions

Bed bug detection and control has now become a significant part of the pest control industry in the last few years. Early detection is very important in limiting the spread of this pest.

Detection is based on the bite is not effective, because the reaction to insect bites are often misdiagnosed. You can also head to to get more details on canine bed bug detection.

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Visual inspection for signs of pests and time consuming, although cheap, often fall short in the early tick when there are relatively few bugs are present.

Could be the answer for early detection includes a dog? The use of a canine dog inspection is gaining in popularity and the future looks very bright method. Trained dogs are both very accurate and rapid detection of pests.

Dogs naturally have an unusually sensitive nose that allows them to detect this bug! A specially trained canine detect pests with remarkable accuracy.

Not only can they recognize the scent of live bugs and their eggs, but they are also able to distinguish between live and dead bugs and also between bugs and debris they left behind.

Future Directions

Several new technologies to detect infestations being worked on, but there are no promising detection dogs. One new method test samples of air from the room to detect these pests.

Use of gas chromatography to identify chemicals in the air associated with the infestation. Electronic noses of other promising technologies.