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Block Heaters Are Most Useful in Extremely Cold Temperatures

In areas where freezing occurs only occasionally, a remote starter may be the best way to warm up the car before driving. However, when the temperature drops well below zero – that's -15 ° C – block heaters can come in handy because the remote starter can't prevent the potential engine damage that cold temperatures can cause. You can also save your car by using an engine block heater by experts like Hot Head Heater.

There are two reasons why machines are at risk in cold conditions. For one thing, cold oil doesn't flow because it has to lubricate the engine when it is started, which creates more friction and reduces vehicle life through wear. The second reason is that the cooler expands when it freezes. In the worst case, the frozen coolant can even break the engine block!

Those with careers as auto mechanics know that repairing a cracked engine block is expensive

When you become a mechanic, you may need to repair your machine from time to time. You will find that a leaky engine block can be more expensive to repair. Because of this, you may want to encourage customers to consider block heating to prevent breakage.

In addition to extending the life of a car and preventing serious damage, block heaters can save money by starting and stopping a warm engine using less gasoline. Spending the winter running a cold engine will use up more fuel in the long run – not to mention producing more emissions from the exhaust, which means more air pollution!