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Are you Having Back Problems? Cold Laser Therapy is the Solution

With amazing results, the medical community is now seeing the latest treatment for back pain. Cold Laser Therapy is being used by chiropractors to treat chronic back pain. Laser therapy has many advantages over simple pain medication or invasive surgery. It is also surprising how easily the lasers work on the cells of the body.

If you are also having a back pain problem, you can opt for cold laser light therapy for pain relief. It can penetrate as low as 2-5 cm below the skin's surface and is used to treat pain. It acts at the cellular level, which is why it is so powerful. The light reacts with the light-sensitive elements within the cells, initiating a series of events that stimulate natural healing.

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Laser treatment can be received two to four times per month by patients. The cost is $30-60 per session. Patients have reported pain relief they have never experienced with any other treatment. This therapy is temporary and effective for chronic pain and has been shown to work against lower back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Laser treatment is a better option than surgery or pain medication. Although laser therapy does not provide permanent relief, it is still more efficient than other options. The non-invasive procedure is quick and painless. It can also be repeated every week. There are no medications required, so there is no chance of developing tolerance to pain medication and antibiotics.

Cold laser therapy may be the right treatment for you if you have back pain. It has no side effects and is safe to try. For more information, consult your chiropractor.