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All About Car Polishing and Waxing Your Car

To keep your car in top condition, you need to know how to care for it properly. Here we discuss in detail about car polishers in NZ.

Valeting requires the right tools and techniques – Used cloths and sponges that you used to clean your car. To replace it, you need soft woolen gloves and 2K full car respray kit. 

Car Polishing

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You will also need to use the two-bucket cleaning process – one holds the detergent mixture and the other holds clean water. Your clean water is used to clean gloves once and shampoo to remove dirt. Without this method, you are just moving the dirt back into your car at all times.

Polishing and waxing

The next step is to polish your car. Make sure you get a non-abrasive varnish and use two different grades for the best finish. Minor paint blemishes on your car are removed by polishing. It will bring back the fabulous shine you were looking for. You can also browse panelstore for more information about car polishers in NZ.

Finish the polishing technique by moving side by side to ensure that the entire room is completely covered. Avoid contact with the sides of the electric abrasive media as this can cause uneven forces and possible damage to the surface. 

The final step is to use carnauba wax or a good plastic. You are using wax just as you would polish it with an alternative to working with an electric scourer. If you apply the wax yourself, you will usually get a better finish.

Washing and drying

Make sure you wash your car in direct sunlight. The first objective is to water your car once to make it easier to remove dirt. Clean your car from the top and get off. If you regularly follow the entire vehicle validation process, you can be sure that your car will always look amazing.